Goodwill Staffing strives to achieve Discover Goodwill’s Mission of helping people to overcome their barriers and achieve their highest level of personal and economic success.

We would like to highlight the story of Andrea A., who worked through Goodwill Staffing as a Housekeeper for a Healthcare Facility in Colorado Springs, and Kevin J., who is working at Goodwill Staffing as a Grounds Keeper for the same Healthcare facility. Despite having numerous barriers, Andrea’s resilience, along with her strong work ethic, allowed her to get converted to a permanent position at the client site. Her boyfriend, Kevin J., also demonstrated a strong work ethic, and he is still working at the client site through Goodwill Staffing. This stream of money allowed them to become self-sufficient even though things were looking rough from the start of their journey to Colorado.

In June of 2008, Andrea and her boyfriend Kevin came to Colorado on a selfless mission to help a sick family member. Everything went according to plan, at first. Then, suddenly, after they had been living with family for a short period of time, the situation became toxic. As a result, they were forced out of their home with only their car to live in. Now being faced with homelessness and without any means to provide for themselves, this power couple stayed positive and worked to overcome the odds that were against them.

Andrea and her boyfriend Kevin looked at the positive side of this situation and worked to overcome the challenge of homelessness. They tried to get some help via government assistance, but they were told there wasn’t anything that they were eligible for at that time. Although times were tough, they reminded each other of the tough times they had each encountered and overcome in the past. Thankful for their cell phone, they found a spot to park where they could access WiFi to start searching for jobs. Just as it was starting to get cooler outside, they came across an ad for Goodwill Staffing. They applied and made an appointment. They met with our recruiter, Jim, on August 27th, 2018. Their lives were changed forever.

As fate would have it, there were two open positions that they qualified for. Andrea was able to take a housekeeping position for a local company as she had a background in home-care. Kevin was able to take a Grounds Keeping position for the same company as he also had prior experience. This was such a valuable moment for the couple to be able to obtain work and be working together at the same company. Our recruiter, Jim, was excited to have these opportunities available for the two.

According to Jim, “In this line of work, you just want to help everyone, and it just doesn’t always work out that way. But this time we made a difference, and that makes my year.”

Andrea and Kevin are also forever grateful for meeting Jim. They were both back to work within a week of their meeting. Soon after starting their new jobs, Andrea and Kevin were able to get into an apartment of their own. Six months later they’re setting new goals for themselves. We certainly wish them the best!

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